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We are creating areas for selling world-class vehicles that everyone can afford. This means, we need a team that has understanding in our business and recognize what our customers want. Join us
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Our team are growing with ambitious, We are Thai but also have a lot of foreigners in our team as well.
We shared happiness. And has a beautiful workplace for creating works that we love. Strong corporate culture helps us work without any interruptions when working across the fields by focusing on creating better products. And we also give you time for a family, a passion for our projects such as dancing, climbing, writings, or speakers.
Diversity of the employees is crucial for us to understand business and also one of the top priorities of our team.
Part of our commitment is to increase the number of female leaders to make more decisions and continuously pay more attention to the women that influence our products.
Benefits and Balance
Our philosophy is simple, we love variety, like to work with an enthusiastic team that promotes corporate culture, which will help moving the organization forward.
We will do anything to help you get the full support in your expression within the organization in every aspects.
  • Travel around the world
  • Personal laptop
  • Flexible work hours
  • Flexible holidays
  • Maternity leaving
  • Provident fund
"I love working with everyone, especially an enthusiastic foreign team who help me learn new things every day."
Saichon Keawkumpee, Co-Founder & CEO
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